About Pellets

Renewable Energy Source

Wood pellets have great advantages over fossil fuels. They are made from renewable materials, such as sawdust. 52% of the entire territory of Latvia is covered by forests. Despite the development of forests for construction and extraction of basic materials – the volume of forests is increasing year by year. This means stable access to raw materials and a constant price.

Sustainability and Stability

Undeniably, investing in a new heating system is expensive and must therefore be profitable in the long run. At the global level, the fossil fuel market is very volatile. The prices of these fuels can change due to unpredictable political decisions, even several times a year! In comparison, wood production and price have remained moderately stable for years, helping to ensure a stable price for wood pellets as well.

Easy to use

Wood pellet central heating boilers are designed to be as easy to use as possible. The pellets are delivered in bags and are easy to move and store. After installation – the pellet boiler will operate completely autonomously. All that remains for the furnace owner is to top it up with pellets and clean the ashes a few times during the heating season.

Enplus Certified Pellets

Eccal sells pellets from several manufacturers from Eastern Europe. They are 6 mm in diameter with an ash content not higher than 0.5%. The products offered by Eccal are “Enplus’’ certified A1 pellets (German standard for the highest quality pellets). In order to obtain the “Enplus’’ certificate, our products are re-tested in laboratories throughout the year. The results must comply with the highest quality standards.

Non-certified Pellets

Many Eccal products are not certified with the “Enplus’’ quality seal. Of course, this does not mean that the quality of these pellets is lower. These are pellets of equivalent quality, that are popular in several European countries. Due to reduced costs of quality control and management, we can offer A1 analog products at a better price.