Coniferous Briquettes


RUF Briquettes – more heat, less ash! Briquettes are cheap and easy to use.

Package: 10kg bags
Pallet weight: 960kg
Package type : heat-shrink bags or polyethylene bags
Composition: 100% Softwood
Ash content: 0.25% – 0.5%
Color: White
Net calorific value: 4700kcal/kg

Delivered to wholesale partners in all of europe. Please contact us for precise quotes.

Out of stock

Out of stock



Cost of delivery:

From € 0.60/km to € 1.00/km

  • Purchases of 21 tons and more (full load) will receive delivery with a significant discount
  • For full load deliveries, unloading must be provided by the buyer

When calculating delivery costs, factors such as access complexity, unloading procedures, location, etc. are taken into account. After placing the order, we will contact you to specify the final cost of delivery.